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Alpha Centauri

director: Gerardjan Rijnders

theatre group: TG 42, Artez and Lunchtheater Bellevue

role: Chantal

"It's a fun to see how the young actors on the scene give their all.” "Dream Travel BV is bankrupt, but the travel agency once again lives up to its name in this very entertaining, dynamic and contemporary play" --Joukje Akveld (Het Parool ****)


An office comedy with science fiction edge.


Bankrupt, 6,000 workers laid off. Nine more people still working at the head office, appointed by the curator to keep up appearances. The end is in sight because for today most of the work has been done. But then what? Where do we go from here?


Alpha Centauri was a graduation project by ten actors from Academy of Drama in Arnhem in 2006 which won the audience award at the ITs festival. Now, six years later, the performance is more topical than ever, played even better and back on the stage! Smooth acting and a very nice text, written by one of graduates: Joeri Vos.


Written by: Joeri Vos

Cast: Catrien van Boxel, Delilah van Eyck, Sarah Jonker, Noël S. Keulen, Rick Paul van Mulligen, Gerardjan Rijnders, Floris Verkerk, Joeri Vos, Bob Wind and Jessica Zeylmaker

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