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The Secrets of Barslet

dramaserie NTR/NCRV

director: Boris Paval Conen

producer: NTR, NCRV en Waterland Film

role: Geesje van der Ploeg

The drama series “De Geheimen van Barslet” (The Secrets of Barslet) tells the story of the mysterious events that take place in the idyllic rural village of Barslet. Miraculous happenings keep the local residents in their grip: a boy dies under mysterious circumstances, a toddler can predict the future and a pyromaniac is on the loose. Eight residents are keepers of a secret that will bring a new light to the mysterious events happening in the village. What mysteries are afoot in the village of Barslet?


Cast: Dragan Bakema, Raymond Thiry, Teun Luijkx, Martijn Lakemeier, Sallie Harmsen, Juda Goslinga, Jessica Zeylmaker and others

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