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Uncle Vanya

director: Albert Lubbers

theatre group: Theatre Groupe Suburbia

role: Sonja

“Oom Wanja” (Uncle Vanya) is a play by Anton Chekhov. The play portrays the visit of an elderly professor and his glamorous, much younger second wife Yeléna to the rural estate that supports their urban lifestyle. Two friends, Vanya, brother of the Professor's late first wife who has long managed the estate and Astrov, the local doctor, both fall under Yelena's spell while bemoaning the ennui of their provincial existence. Sonya, the Professor's daughter by his first wife, who has worked with Vanya to keep the estate going, meanwhile suffers from the awareness of her own lack of beauty and from her unrequited feelings for Dr. Astrov. Matters are brought to a crisis when the Professor announces his intention to sell the estate, Vanya and Sonya's home and raison d'être, with a view to investing the proceeds to achieve a higher income for himself and his wife.


Written by: Anton Chekhov

Cast: Oom Wanja - Wim Danckaert, Mathias Sercu, Jessica Zeylmaker

Els Ingeborg Smits, Angelique de Bruijne, Wim van der Grijn, Willem Schouten

Ingeborg Uit den Boogaard, Guillaume Ramaekers.

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